1. Orange Flower Blossoms Basic Needs (A) 

3-days: RM299 (massage + tummy binding 1 hour)

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2. Orange Flower Blossoms Basic Needs (B)

3-days: RM450 (massage + hot stone compress 1-hour) 


3. Package Sakura Blossoms (A):

(day care 3-hours)
10-days: RM2,000 only (7 days on Week 1 and 3 days on Week 4) 

Massage 7x
Hot Stone Compress 10x
Herbs Bath 10x
Tummy Binding & Herbs Application 10x
Vaginal Steam 3x
Baby Care (Bath & Massage) 10x
*most popular daycare package


4. Package Sakura Blossoms (B):
day care 5 hours
10-days: RM3,000 only (7 days on Week 1 and 3 days on Week 4)
Massage 10x
Hot Stone Compress 10x
Herbal Bath 10x
Vaginal Steam 10x
Tummy Binding and Herbs Application 10x
Baby Care (Baby Bath, Baby Massage, Baby Laundry) 10x
Confinement Meal Preparation 10x


5. Package Cherry Blossoms Premium:

(stay-in 8am-8pm)
14-days: RM4,500

Massage 10x
Hot Stone Compress 14x (am & pm)

Herbs Bath 14x (am & pm)
Tummy Binding & Herbs Application 14x (am & pm)

Vaginal Steam 6x
Body Scrub 2x
Baby Care (Bath & Massage) 14x (am & pm)
Baby Laundry upon request
Confinement Meal Preparation (am & pm)
*most popular stay-in package

FREE: 1 Post Natal Set worth RM350.


5. Ala Carte: Lotus Blossoms

Breast Massage (engorged/swollen/lactating) RM150

Massage 2-hrs RM180 per day

Massage & Hot Stone Compress 2-hrs RM250 per day

Top-up any extra care: RM50 per item per day


All prices exclude transportation charges, minimum charges is RM30++ per day depending on your location.

T&C: http://mymakbidan.com/?page_id=23.

Note: Please get official quotation from us. We also cater for more or less days, depending on your needs, ie 3, 5, 10.. 15, 30 days.

Email: mymakbidan@gmail.com


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